MATT SHARP & GOLDENBOY come together for their 2004 fall tour!

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Matt Sharp and Goldenboy issued a press release ahead of the 2004 fall tour, via their label In Music We Trust.

MATT SHARP & GOLDENBOY come together for their 2004 fall tour!

This fall, Matt Sharp (of weezer and The Rentals fame) will team up with the gentle indie pop group Goldenboy for a comprehensive tour of North America.

"THE MATT SHARP & GOLDENBOY SHOW" will find the two like minded artists moving back and forth between each other's music throughout a continuous set of soft and shimmering pop songs .

Deliberately blurring the line between opening act and headliner, Sharp and Goldenboy form a powerful creative partnership, much in the tradition of such classic collaborations as "Bob Dylan And The Band" and "Neil Young And Crazy Horse".

Each evening, Sharp and the two members of Goldenboy (Shon Sullivan and Bryan Bos) switch from instrument to instrument changing the color and textures as their set evolves. Moving between the innocent sounds of the moog synthesizer to his familiar role of playing bass, Sharp will serve as a guest member throughout the Goldenboy songs. Returning the favor, Sullivan and Bos bring a true feeling of optimism as Sharp strums simple patterns on an acoustic guitar during his own material.

Effortlessly trading lead vocals from song to song, drifting in and out of the casual arrangements, the bittersweet lyrics and joyous melodies open up like a long lost traveling soundtrack.

In contrast to the two albums he recorded with weezer, ("The Blue Album" and "Pinkerton") - (combining to sell over 5 million copies worldwide) Sharp is touring in support of his low key self titled album (In Music We Trust Records). This exclusive North American tour brings Sharp together with Goldenboy to explore the songs from both his atmospheric debut and brighten up a few songs from Sharp's much celebrated past.

Last year, Goldenboy released their stunning debut album, "Blue Swan Orchestra" in North America and Australia (b-girl records). It received great praise and rave reviews for its catchy tunes and delicate mood.

Shon Sullivan, the main creative force behind Goldenboy is already well known in the music world. Sullivan has gained great notoriety from his work with the late Elliot Smith, as well as playing piano, cello and electric guitar in a group that featured Johnny Marr, Lisa Germano and Neil Finn. Most recently, Sullivan completed a run touring as the guitarist for The Eels.

The serendipitous union of Sharp and Goldenboy originally came to life through designer/drummer Bryan Bos. The stylized realism of Bos's art direction runs through Sharp's debut and Blue Swan Orchestra. In both albums, Bos has uncovered a way to better understand the music by adding layers of visual and emotional depth. In the spring of 2004, Bos brought this curious pairing of longtime friend and musical co-conspirator Shon Sullivan together with the The Rentals front man / founding weezer member.

Together, the three musicians bring a sense of levity and lightness to each performance, letting the relaxed rhythms roll with ease. The Matt Sharp And Goldenboy Show comes together in a wide eyed celebration.

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