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Matt Sharp
Matt Sharp cover
Studio album by Matt Sharp
Released October 10, 2004
Recorded 2004
Genre Folk rock
Label Boompa
Producer(s) Josh Hager, Matt Sharp, Andy Wilkinson, Greg Brown
Professional reviews
Matt Sharp chronology
Puckett's Versus the Country Boy
Matt Sharp
Matt Sharp / Rivers Cuomo album

Matt Sharp is the self titled debut from former Weezer bassist and former The Rentals frontman Matt Sharp.


The album is notable for featuring no electric guitar, synths, or percussion. Instead lap steel, acoustic guitar, piano, and organ are the only accompaniment to Sharp's vocals. The album was recorded in Tennessee, and was preceded by the 2003 EP Puckett's Versus the Country Boy, which featured an edited version of "Goodbye West Coast" and three outtakes form the album's sessions. Rivers Cuomo made a surprise appearance on stage with Sharp while he was touring to support the record. At the show - held in Fullerton, CA on February 12, 2004, Sharp alluded to the possibility of he and Cuomo making a record together. This album never saw the light of day.

Track list

Album track listing
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "All Those Dreams"  Matt Sharp 4:16
2. "Goodbye West Coast"  Sharp 5:22
3. "Every Time in Blue"  Sharp 3:32
4. "Just Like Movie Stars"  Sharp 6:07
5. "Shadows"  Sharp 3:00
6. "Watch the Weather Break"  Sharp 5:41
7. "Let Me Pass"  Sharp 4:32
8. "Thoughts from a Slow Train"  Sharp 6:10
9. "After the Angels"  Sharp 6:32
10. "Before You Go"  Sharp 5:14
11. "Some Days"  Sharp 8:25
Total length:


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