Puckett's Versus the Country Boy

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Puckett's Versus the Country Boy
Puckett's Versus the Country Boy cover
EP by Matt Sharp
Released June 2003 in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee
Recorded 2003
Genre Folk music
Label In Music We Trust
Producer(s) Matt Sharp, Greg Brown, Josh Hager, Andy Wilkinson
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Puckett's Versus the Country Boy
Matt Sharp

Puckett's Versus the Country Boy is the debut solo EP from former Weezer bassist and Rentals frontman Matt Sharp.


In contrast to Sharp's work with the Rentals, Puckett's Versus the Country Boy features no electric guitar, synths, or percussion. Instead, Sharp's vocals are accompanied by lap steel, acoustic guitar, piano, and organ. The EP was a preview to the album Matt Sharp, featuring material recorded in Tennessee.

The EP was recorded in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee, a small rural village where Sharp was living at the time. The EP's title is derived from the restaurants Puckett's (now Fox & Locke) and The Country Boy, situated across the street from each other on Old Hillsboro Road in Leiper's Fork, which Sharp has described as the "only two places to eat in the whole county."[1]

Album track listing
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Goodbye West Coast (edit)"  Matt Sharp 3:27
2. "Some Come Running Through"  Sharp 5:24
3. "Visions of Anna"  Sharp 6:12
4. "Hey, What You Gonna Do?"  Sharp 5:21
Total length:


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