Little Russell Street

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Little Russell Street: Bootlegs from Seven More Minutes
Little Russell Street: Bootlegs from Seven More Minutes cover
Compilation album by The Rentals
Recorded 1998-1999 at Matrix Studios (London), Drive By Studios (Los Angeles)
Length 1:20:09

Little Russell Street: Bootlegs from Seven More Minutes is a bootleg compilation by the Rentals featuring various outtakes, alternate versions, and demos from the sessions for the band's 1999 album Seven More Minutes. The compilation was circulated as a rare bootleg CD, but was eventually shared online with fans on Rentals frontman Matt Sharp's personal website.[1]

Track listing

No. TitleDescription Length
1. "American Man"  Improvised piano song by Matt Sharp 2:42
2. "The Man with Two Brains (early version)"  Early version featuring Justine Frischman and Petra Haden 6:07
3. "Translator (early alternate version)"  Early alternate version 4:03
4. "Big Daddy C. (early version)"  Early mix by John Smith, featuring Damon Albarn 3:38
5. "I've Been Had"  Mix by John Smith; instrumental-only track, previously demoed during For the Ladies sessions 2:32
6. "Lit O-K's Mad For It"  Studio banter. Described on as "Kevin March Loosin' it" 1:02
7. "She Says It's Alright (alternate version)"  Andy Wilkinson in-progress rough mix 3:55
8. "The Cruise (early version)"  Chris Shaw mix featuring Miki Berenyi and Timothy "Speed" Levitch 4:20
9. "Jumping Around (outtake)"  Matt Sharp forgetting the lyrics to "Jumping Around" 0:58
10. "The Great Bank Robbery (instrumental)"  Andy Wilkinson mix 6:32
11. "Say Goodbye Forever (early version)"  Early mix featuring Donna Matthews 4:02
12. "Petra Acapella"  Vocal clip featuring Petra Haden 1:11
13. "Overlee (alternate mix)"  Alternate mix featuring Tim Wheeler and Petra Haden 5:07
14. "Simple Life (early version)"  John Smith rough mix 3:32
15. "She Says It's Punk Rock"  Matt Sharp and Kevin March attempting an up-tempo punk rock version of "She Says It's Alright" 5:44
16. "Little Andy Wandy"  Improvised piano song by Matt Sharp about engineer Andy Wilkinson 1:54
17. "Getting By (alternate mix)"  Chris Shaw mix, featuring Petra Haden 3:18
18. "She's Cool"  Abandoned 4-track home demo 4:54
19. "So Soon Meets The Cruise"  In-progress mix of "The Cruise" by Sean Slade and Paul Kolderie, featuring final verse lyrics but retaining the chorus from "So Soon" 4:15
20. "Barcelona (early alternate mix)"  Early mix by Chris Shaw 4:01
21. "Say Goodbye Forever (outtake)"  4-track home demo idea 0:52
22. "Translator (outtake)"  Scratch vocal outtake 0:26
23. "Translator"  Final mastered b-side; mixed by Sean Slade and Paul Kolderie 4:03
24. "S.F.T."  Improvised piano song by Matt Sharp 1:05
Total length:

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