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Barcelona cover
Album track by The Rentals
Album Seven More Minutes
Released 1999
Format CD
Recorded Matrix Studios (London), Drive By Studios (Los Angeles)
Length 4:04
Label Warner
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) Matt Sharp
Status Officially released
Seven More Minutes track listing
"The Cruise
"Say Goodbye Forever"

This song is part of the "Barcelona" lineage of songs

"Barcelona" is the fifth track on the Rentals 1999 album "Seven More Minutes." It is a reworking of an earlier Rentals track called "California."



"Barcelona" was originally written as "California" by Matt Sharp and demoed to 4-track during the fall of 1993. A 1995 demo appeared on the compilation The Poop Alley Tapes, and later on the Rentals fan club-exclusive compilation Excellent Stocking Stuffer. Matt Sharp's extended stay in Europe during the production of Seven More Minutes prompted a lyrical rewrite.




Got absinthe, got Gaudi
And I got the Jamboree
Got my chicas - Maria, Anna, Monica,
And I got Noemi (oh, whatcha got?)

Got Picasso Blue
And I got the good bar crew
Got Bikini and the New York disco
Got surreal Dalí (oh yeah)

Lost and rollin', driftin' loosely on my own through
Barcelona, Barcelona
Catalonia, take over

Got Iberia
Got Oveja Negra
Got Zeleste, and the Karma dub
I got the Pipa Club (oh, whatcha got?)

Got Picasso Blue
Got a señorita too
The Panam's sex show
Got my transvestites at the top of the mountain disco, yeah

Lost and rollin', I don't got much to go back to
Lost and rollin', driftin' loosely on my own through
Barcelona, Barcelona
Catalonia, take over
Barcelona, whoa

Barcelona, Barcelona
Barcelona, Barcelona

My sweet angel, Barcelona, hide me safely, give me shelter
In a dark place, under assumed name, through Catalonia
Lost and rollin', driftin' loosely, no occupation, Barcelona
The last angel, Barcelona

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