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New Wave Lullaby

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"New Wave Lullaby"
Demo by Patrick Wilson
Album Suburban Advantage
Released Fall 1994
Recorded 19931994
Length 3:25
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson
Status Released
Suburban Advantage track listing
"I Wouldn't Say It"
"New Wave Lullaby"
"If You Move Away"
My Spine track listing
"I Wouldn't Say It"
"Buying and Selling"
"Why Is This So"

"New Wave Lullaby" (occasionally rendered as "New Wave Lullabye", also known as "Buying and Selling") is a song written by Patrick Wilson.



This song was first demoed as "Buying and Selling" by Wilson in September 1993 on a 4-track recorder, while Weezer was in the process of recording Weezer (The Blue Album).[1]: a It was recorded for his 8-track demo My Spine in October of the same year.[1]: b It appeared on the Suburban Advantage demo EP, released in late spring 1994, under the new title "New Wave Lullaby".[1]: c

"New Wave Lullaby" was amongst three songs from the Suburban Advantage demo tape that leaked online in the late 90s, prior to the full tape circulating around 2000. It appears on the Japanese bootleg record Visions Party & Unreleased New Songs.

Known recordings

Performer(s) Title Filename Date of recording Recording location Length Appeared on Notes
Patrick Wilson Buying and Selling September 1993 Gramercy Park Hotel, New York, NY 4-track recording.
Patrick Wilson Buying and Selling Fall 1993 My Spine 8-track recording.
Patrick Wilson New Wave Lullaby Spring 1994 3:52 Suburban Advantage
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I'm not ashamed to say that I am
Disgusted by the human race
I am disgusted to say I am
Ashamed still by the human race

Someday I think we'll all be murdered
By all the ones we elect to office

All you parents that are raising kids
Don't beat them like it's natural to
You're child's three foot six and weighs at fifty pounds
You overeat and you drink too much

Someday I think we'll all be murdered
By all the ones we elect to office
Someday I think we'll all be murdered
By all the ones we elect to office

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