Nick Zinner

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Nick Zinner
Background information
Birth name Nicholas Joseph Zinner
Born December 8, 1974 (age 49)

Nick Zinner is a guitarist and producer. He is best known as the guitarist for the New York rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. He is also a current member of the Rentals.

History with the Rentals

According to Rentals frontman Matt Sharp, Sharp and Zinner became acquainted at a New Years party shortly after the Yeah Yeah Yeahs had performed a live cover of the Rentals song "The Love I'm Searching For" in 2006. Years later, Sharp contacted Zinner again and convinced him to work on the album. Said Sharp: "I asked him to come to my house and listen to these songs that take place in outer space, after playing him 25 songs, I asked if any of it connected with him. He pulled up his pant leg to show me he had aliens printed on his socks and the rest is history."[1] This collaboration became the Rentals album Q36, released in 2020.

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