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Nu-Clear Sounds

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Nu-Clear Sounds
Nu-Clear Sounds cover
Studio album by Ash
Released October 5, 1998 (UK)
1999 (US)
Format CD, Vinyl, Cassette
Genre Pop rock
Length 44:11 (UK)
49:02 (US)
Label Infectious Records (UK)
Dreamworks Records (US)
Producer(s) Ash, Chris Kimsey, Owen Morris, Butch Vig (US)
Ash chronology
Nu-Clear Sounds
Free All Angels
Alternate cover
Cover for US release
Cover for US release

Nu-Clear Sounds is the second album by Irish rock band Ash.


Nu-Clear Sounds was originally released in 1998 in the UK. It was released in the United States a year later on the Dreamworks label. This release of the album featured remixes of three songs ("Jesus Says", "Wild Surf", and "Folk Song"), a restructured track list, and included the non-album single "A Life Less Ordinary" as the closing track.

Connection to Weezer

Ash frontman Tim Wheeler has professed in interviews that Weezer's album Pinkerton was a direct influence on Nu-Clear Sounds.



No. Title Length
1. "Projects"   3:55
2. "Low Ebb"   5:00
3. "Jesus Says"   4:54
4. "Wildsurf"   3:26
5. "Death Trip 21"   4:08
6. "Folk Song"   4:44
7. "Numbskull"   3:10
8. "Burn Out"   4:02
9. "Aphrodite"   4:17
10. "Fortune Teller"   3:22
11. "I'm Gonna Fall"   5:13
Total length:


No. Title Length
1. "Jesus Says"   4:43
2. "Wildsurf"   3:30
3. "Folk Song"   4:13
4. "Numbskull"   3:31
5. "Burn Out"   4:02
6. "Aphrodite"   4:24
7. "Death Trip 21"   4:09
8. "Low Ebb"   4:02
9. "Fortune Teller"   3:21
10. "Projects"   3:53
11. "I'm Gonna Fall"   5:16
12. "A Life Less Ordinary"   4:16
Total length: