Patterns of Love

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"Patterns of Love"
Patterns of Love cover
Album track by The Relationship
Album The Relationship (album)
Released November 30, 2010
Format CD, digital
Length 2:10
Label Golden State Records
Writer(s) Brian Bell/Nate Shaw
Producer(s) The Relationship, Eric J. Dubowsky
Status officially released
The Relationship (album) track listing
"Patterns of Love"
"Will I Ever See Her Again?"

"Patterns of Love" is a song by The Relationship written by Brian Bell and Nate Shaw. It is the eighth track on the band's self-titled debut album released in 2010.



In the dark I look for you
But I don't see nor hear the way I used to
It's the patterns of love that keep things all brand new
My life's worth living since I found you

To the stars I must confess
For many years I hid behind a mask
It's the patterns of love that put me to the task
Will I find the answer to what I ask

Is there a light at end of the road?
Show me which way I should go
On the path that is right
Guide me through the long and bumpy nights

It's the patterns of love that keep me from being so damn frightened
No need to leave the light on
Cause I will follow through the darkness


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