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Pinkerton cover
Studio album by Weezer
Released September 24, 1996
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Metascore 100
Reviewer: Unsigned (CDUniverse)
Publishing date: Unlisted
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After wooing teenage girls across America with its infectious debut record, Weezer appears to be getting more serious with this follow-up. PINKERTON still features immensely catchy tunes and the band's trademark crunchy guitars, but Weezer is now exuding more mature emotions within its songs. The lads have eschewed their preppy bowl cuts for a more lanky style, and they've written songs about being jaded and depressed ("Tired Of Sex" and "Why Bother"). Their full guitar sound is no longer an innocent roar; there is a new, burning quality to it. But Weezer hasn't completely deserted its sugary tendencies--"Falling For You" and "Across The Sea" (about a teenage fan in Japan) are songs to melt hearts with.

— Unsigned

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