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Years active 2018 - 2019

Post-Pinkerton is a Weezer podcast hosted by John Carroll.


As described by Carroll on the Post-Pinkerton website:[1]

Post-Pinkerton is a podcast hosted by John Carroll, in which he listens to and discusses every song available from Weezer after the release of their infamous 1996 album Pinkerton. The show occasionally features guests like writers, musicians and fellow fans.

The show began on February 1, 2018,[2] and aired roughly every Wednesday[3] for 82 episodes. The latest episode released on December 25, 2019.[4] In a tweet made in May 2021, Carroll claimed that the project was "far from dead".[5] However as of 2024, no new episodes have been released.

Many episodes of Post-Pinkerton feature guest hosts, often friends of Carroll's, hosts of other podcasts, or significant members of the Weezer community. Notably, episode 71 ("It's Been So Long") features artist Alec Longstreth to discuss his work with Weezer.

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