Prime Cuts

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Prime Cuts
Prime Cuts cover
by Weezer
Released 2005
Genre Alternative
Label Geffen

Prime Cuts is a promotional CD sampler released in Europe in 2005, consisting of six Weezer singles.


The CD contains six Weezer singles from The Blue Album, The Green Album, Maladroit, and Make Believe. As the CD was intended for in-store use, the song "Beverly Hills" appears as both tracks 1 and 7. The CD was also reportedly handed out by Universal representatives to fans at a Make Believe listening party in Indonesia.

Track list

  1. "Beverly Hills"
  2. "Hash Pipe"
  3. "Buddy Holly"
  4. "Island in the Sun"
  5. "Keep Fishin'"
  6. "Undone - The Sweater Song"
  7. "Beverly Hills"

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