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Rockstar cover
Album track by That Dog
Album That Dog (album)
Released 1995
Recorded N/A
Length 7:37
Label DGC
Producer(s) Tom Grimley and That Dog
Status Released
That Dog (album) track listing
"Michael Jordan"
This article is for the That Dog song. For the Rivers Cuomo songs, see Rock Star (disambiguation).

"Rockstar" is the thirteenth and final track on That Dog's second album, "Totally Crushed Out!"



Clocking in at over seven and a half minutes, "Rockstar" is by far the longest song in that dog.'s catalog.



Could you sign my guitar?
Can I take a picture with a rock star?
Your face wallpapers my walls
Here's my number, when you're in town give me a call

I know I don't know you, but I'm in-love
The bad reviews kills me 'cause I know what you're made of
I have ten copies of you on the cover
When I went to see you, got a ride from my mother

Your CD singles comfort my ears
Your unplugged songs bring me to tears
I see your video in my dreams
Can I shake your hand, you're totally supreme?

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