Tom Grimley

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Tom Grimley
Tom Grimley.jpg
Background information
Birth name Tom Grimley
Years active 1994–present
Instrument(s) guitar, keyboard, programming
Grimley (left) with Petra Haden as a member of Recess.
Tom Grimley is a Los Angeles-based music producer, engineer and experimental music composer. He studied music composition at Loyola Marymount University.


A former member of and/or collaborator with such bands such as Waldo The Dog Faced Boy, The Rentals, Slug, Jacknife, The Benett Band, Recess & more, Tom Grimley co-founded the now-defunct record label W.I.N. Records with Devin Sarno in 1989. The label was founded with the goal to "release records from friends who were making music that we believed in and felt should be heard."

Grimley also ran Poop Alley Studios from 1991-1997, recording hundreds of L.A. bands. Poop Alley’s discography includes a variety of artists such as: Beck, that dog., The Rentals, Geraldine Fibbers, Spain, Slug, Lowercase, Popdefect, Petra Haden, Radies Man, Benett, Waldo The Dog Faced Boy, Rusty-Like, Rod Poole, Speculum Fight, The Centimeters, Polar Goldie Cats, Solid Eye, Charles Brown Superstar, Beth Capper, The Centimeters, Chika Chika, Jen Wood and Miss Murgatroid.

Some of Grimley's early recordings were documented on the double CD compilation, The Poop Alley Tapes. This comp, reflecting several years’ worth of work at the studio, was also seen as a summation of the WIN Records catalog.

In 2007, Grimley embarked on a tour of the United States administering experimental music performances with his self-constructed "automated electronic music ensemble."

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