Taken for a Ride

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"Taken For A Ride"
Taken For A Ride cover
Single by AM Radio
Album Radioactive
Released 2002
Length 2:59
Label Elektra
Writer(s) Kevin Ridel
Producer(s) Howard Benson
Status Officially released
AM Radio singles chronology
"" "Taken For A Ride" ""
Radioactive track listing
"If This Is the End of the World"
"Taken For A Ride"
"I Just Wanna Be Loved"

"Taken For A Ride" is the second track and first single from AM Radio's debut album "Radioactive."


  • "Taken For A Ride" - Single (2002)
  • "Radioactive" - (2003)


"Taken For A Ride" is one of AM Radio's most successful songs to date. As of August 2010, it is the band's number two most played song on Lastfm. It was featured on both an episode of the TV series "One Tree Hill" and the soundtrack for EA Sports’ Madden NFL 2004.



Let's go!

Just met a porn star
She is an actress
Because in real life
She won't admit this

She doesn't want anyone to know
So she pretends she's someone else
But I found her out anyway
After she told me that she
Had a boyfriend

Had enough, had enough, had enough
Of this stuff, of this stuff, of this stuff
And I'm sure that you don't really mind
That you're taking me for one hell of a ride

He's a manager, in show biz
He said I'd be a star
But now what's this?

He stopped returning all my calls
When I couldn't make him anymore
Money, it changes everything
When he said that I'd always be a superstar

You're taking me for a ride
You're taking me for a ride
You're taking me for a ride
You're taking me for a ride

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