The Special Goodness TV appearance: 05/01/2003

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The Special Goodness TV appearance: 05/01/2003
Date Spring 1994
Medium TV
TV show Fox Rox
Network Fox, UPN
Station Channel 6, Channel 13
Location San Diego, CA
Aired May 1, 2003

The Special Goodness performed "Life Goes By" and "In the Sun" for the San Diego music show Fox Rox on May 1, 2003. The band was also interviewed by the show's host.

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April 16, 2003: San Diego, CA - Fox Rox taping + radio action

Today was a long day of media action, which started at the Fox channel 6 news studio, for a taping of the "Fox Rox" show. We set up the gear opposite the news anchor desk and the guys ran thru "Kisses" and "Life Goes By" numerous times till the cameramen had what they needed. Then Pat and Atom did a really good interview with the Fox Rox host, who oddly enough happened to be someone Atom had gone to high school with. We blew outta there after 4 hours of heavily air conditioned tv studio fun, and made a beeline for the best Mexican food place we know of on earth. After a healthy lunch it was on to 94.9 for an on air interview, followed by yet another one over at 91x. Atom took to answering the phones wherever we went. Radio stations get a lot of strange calls! Finally, by early evening we paid a quick visit to a 3rd station, KFSD in Carlsbad. This visit was pretty goofy, as the guys were getting loopy by this point and the station didnt even have the SG cd to play a track. Ah well... At last, we wearily cruised back up the ol I-5 to LA, whereupon much rest was had.

...secret SD Mexican food hookup!
- Karl Koch


"Life Goes By"

"In the Sun"

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