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Weezer cover
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Released Partially released
Recorded July 1991-February 1992

Weezer is a cassette compilation by Rivers Cuomo, featuring demos recorded from 1991 through 1992. The compilation was partially released in 2020 as a part of the Rivers Cuomo digital compilations Alone V: Before Weezer and Patrick & Rivers in 2020.


In late 1991, Rivers Cuomo and Patrick Wilson began writing songs for an as-of-yet unnamed future project, with an end goal of reaching fifty songs. This collaboration was named The 50 Song Project, and also featured collaborations from Jason Cropper. By February 1992, that new project had begun with addition of Matt Sharp, putting the project to an end after only twenty-nine songs.[1]

Of these songs, Cuomo compiled twelve onto a singular cassette tape. Additionally, a slightly earlier Wilson-Cuomo collaboration, recorded in July of 1991, titled "To Get By" was included in the tracklist.[2] Cuomo commonly compiled cassettes of his songs during this time, and typically put little thought into their names. The name "Weezer" originates from Cuomo's childhood, and was a nickname given to him by his father. When it became time for this new band to decide on a name, Cuomo himself suggested Weezer.[3] According to Karl Koch, the demo tape was named after the band "to sum up the songs written that were now under the weezer umbrella."

Of the thirteen songs on Weezer, twelve have been released. Cuomo's cover of "The World We Love So Much" by Gregg Alexander was featured on his 2007 compilation Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo. The placement of the song on Weezer's tracklist is unknown. Despite contributions from Patrick Wilson on certain songs,[1][2] nine more songs were included on Cuomo's digital compilation Alone V: Before Weezer. Two more songs were released on the collaborative digital compilation Patrick & Rivers. The identity of the thirteenth song is unknown.

Track listing

Writing credits are sourced from the Recording History.[1][2]
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Colmusheen"  Rivers Cuomo 3:05
2. "To Get By"  Cuomo/Patrick Wilson 1:09
3. "It Holds Me Together"  Cuomo/Wilson 3:31
4. "Wet Dog"  Cuomo 3:26
5. "Transported"  Cuomo 0:54
6. "Undone"  Cuomo 2:30
7. "Little Bag"  Cuomo 2:21
8. "Close Your Eyes and Give Me a Kiss"  Cuomo 2:00
9. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"  Cuomo/Wilson 2:30
10. "Make Me a Pallet"  Cuomo 1:57
11. "Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me"  Cuomo/Wilson 1:48

"The World We Love So Much" written by Gregg Alexander also appears on this tape, but the track position of the song is unknown.[1]

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