Weezer concert: 02/28/2019

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Black Album Release Party iHeartRadio promo
Black Album Release Party set list via fan clubber Ange Joy

On Thursday February 28, 2019, Weezer headed to the Big Apple for a private, special album release party at the iHeartRadio Theater, to celebrate the drop of The Black Album on the following day. The intimate venue has a capacity of approx. 200, and the crowd that night was solely made up of lucky fans who had to win their way in - either via the radio contest, or via the fan club drawing (the fan club was able to snag about 20 spots for members.) The band answered some questions in-between songs (when asked about Weezer's eligibility for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rivers amusingly replied, "...I'd vote for us"), and closed the night out with a double dose of "Buddy Holly".

The hour-long event was live-streamed via LiveXLive, and also broadcasted live on iHeartMedia’s Alternative radio stations.

Set list

  1. "Undone - The Sweater Song"
  2. "Hash Pipe"
  3. "Take on Me" (a-ha cover)
  4. "Beverly Hills"
  5. "Living in L.A."
  6. "Island in the Sun"
  7. "Can't Knock The Hustle"
  8. "Say It Ain't So"
  9. "Africa" (Toto cover)


  1. "Buddy Holly" (barbershop quartet)
  2. "Buddy Holly"

Some photos of the event by Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio