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Mykel & Carli with Weezer

Mykel and Carli Allan were sisters that became scenesters (in the best possible connotation of the word) in the early-90s rock club scene. They were early friends and supporters of Weezer as well as several other, mostly Los Angeles-based, unknown or unsigned bands of the time.

After befriending Weezer, they were asked to help stuff envelopes full of lyrics and mailing list info for fans who'd written in to the address printed in the Blue Album requesting such info. Their eager help along these lines led to them being the founding members of the Weezer fan club. They would henceforth be considered the band's biggest fans, evidenced by the assignment of membership card numbers 0001 and 0002 to them ad infiniti.

Much like Karl Koch, they were fans of the band who remained very grounded, and never forgot what it was like to be a fan, but who just happened to have a special relationship and duties with the band. As one of them said in an email to a fan club member, they regarded Weezer as "friends. They just happened to play music."

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