When Situations Piss You Off

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"When Situations Piss You Off"
When Situations Piss You Off cover
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Album Alone VI: The Black Room
Released November 22, 2020
Recorded 2000
Length 3:28
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 428
COR# 122
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"My Way or the Highway"
(RC# 427)
"When Situations Piss You Off"
(RC# 428)
(RC# 429)

This song is part of the lineage of Catalog O' Riffs entry #122.

"When Situations Piss You Off" is a demo by Rivers Cuomo.



"When Situations Piss You Off" was recorded by Cuomo in early 2000. The song was first heard when it was released as part of the digital compilation Alone VI: The Black Room in 2020. The song is one of three demos based around Catalog O' Riffs entry #122.


Just told me something I should know
Where no one else can know your name
I wanted you so much that I could
Tell you what I fear
...on my own
Situations that I feel
Are not enough to get you off
...and I show you how I feel
...to much

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