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Devour cover
Studio album by End Transmission
Released September 8, 2009
Genre Indie
Length 37:30
Label Self Released
Producer(s) Billy Burke
Jose Galvez

Devour is the final of two full length albums by indie band End Transmission.

Production and Ozma Connection

According to band member Jordan Brunner the album was produced in about two months at Loveless Motel Studios in Sierra Madre, California. Brunner had sent Jose Galvez an email asking for him to produce it, as both he and the band’s bassist Zeke Berkley “idolized” Ozma. Galvez would accept the offer. [1] Both Ryen Slegr and Daniel Brummel would later come onto the project as well. Slegr contributed on guitar, specifically on “Talking in Circles”, while Brummel played bass alongside Berkley. [2]

Track listing

All songs written and composed by End Transmission. 

No. Title Length
1. "Talking in Circles"   3:21
2. "Say You WIll"   3:23
3. "Wow, Really?"   3:13
4. "Outer Space, Inner Sinner"   5:13
5. "Better"   3:26
6. "89"   3:12
7. "Ghose Stories"   3:25
8. "Bye;God!"   2:53
9. "Work of Art"   3:35
10. "Right Side of the Bed"   3:32
11. "Shoe In"   2:21
Total length:

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