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"Get Me Some"
Get Me Some cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Raditude (Deluxe Edition)
Released November 3, 2009
Length 3:36
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo & Dr. Luke
Producer(s) Jacknife Lee
Status Officially released
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Raditude (Deluxe Edition) track listing
"I Don't Want to Let You Go"
"Get Me Some"
"Run Over By a Truck "

"Get Me Some" is the first track on the bonus disc of the Deluxe Edition of Raditude, and 11th track overall.


"Get Me Some" is one of the many songs of the post-Red Album to feature a co-writing credit. Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo co-wrote the song with Dr. Luke, who also helped produce the song. An early mix of the song, produced by Jacknife Lee, leaked online in 2017.



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Right now everything sucks
I can't express the things I want
I got to play in this game
And you know how dumb the house rules are
Someday I'm gonna break out of here
And I will find what is true in my soul (I won't let go)
I work my skin to the bone
Because I'm not gonna give up
I'm not gonna give up

I gotta get me some
I gotta live my life
I got a heart that bleeds
But nobody else has time
They ain't gonna keep me down
Cuz I gotta reach the top
I gotta get me some
I gotta have my rock
I gotta get me some now baby

I'll pose in the magazines
I'll be on the satellite TV
In Detroit Metal City
With ten thousand people just like me
They'll all be singing along
And the girls will show me their love (high up above)
I ain't ever comin' back
I'll be out with my brothers, I'm out with my brothers

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