Historic event: 08/12/1993

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NYC - in between days

The band had a few days off at this point. The recording in Electric Lady was scheduled to start on 8/16. Ric Ocasek had a solo album coming out ("Quick Change World" which ironically/interestingly included a track called "Dont Let Go"), and had scheduled an appearance on Letterman and a concert up in Boston with his band that actually included Greg Hawkes from the Cars on keyboards. This stuff was scheduled before the weezer sessions were, so Weezer basically had a few days off at this point while Ric did the promo thing. One thing that was done is the weezer band gear was moved into Electric Lady. And up at S.I.R. Ric and his band rehearsed for 2 days, inviting us weezer types to sit in and check it out. It was great fun as Ric included a number of Cars classics into his setlist, including "Drive" which he sang in the stead of the original Cars co-singer Benjamin Orr. Greg Hawkes was very cool, inviting us to check out his vintage synth gear, including the same exact Univox MiniKorg he used on all the famous Cars songs. Between the Ric action at S.I.R. and a lot of exploring NYC, the 'in between days' were fun to say the least.

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