Historic event: 08/07/1993

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farewell party

This was weezer's last day before shipping off to NYC to make their first album, so naturally a big party was called for. This took place at the Amherst House (same house where weezer did most of their rehearsing till that point and where they would later return to shoot the Say It Ain't So video in '95). The party was a crazy bash, and included live music from Justin and Adam's then fledgling Shufflepuck in the garage, as well as a lot of damage and chaos done to the house. Late night/early morning party-goers were confused by the completely shattered toilet in the house's only bathroom. See 8/8 report for what happened next.

...L to R: Rivers and Adam Orth squash Karl, Matt, Justin Fisher (now of Psoma) and Rivers, Rivers with house wreckage, note Petra Haden (that dog., etc) in background...
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