Historic event: 08/08/1993

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to NYC!

at 7 AM, Todd Sullivan's assistant Denise showed up at the Amherst House in Geffen Exec Tom Zutaut's Range Rover, to pick up the band and karl to take then to LAX for their flight to New York and weezer's first album recording session. What she found was a house full of sleeping, dirty partygoers, stretched out amongst the upturned wreckage of last nights mega-party, which had wound down less than 2 hours before her arrival. Fortunately the guys had had the foresight to pack their bags before the party, so all that was really required was a few light kicks in the ribs to roust the troops and get the show on the road. Of course, anyone requiring a bathroom pit stop before hopping in the Range Rover was sorely disappointed by the sight of the decimated toilet in the bathroom, but the inexorable tide of relief led those who needed it to the backyard for some hastily improvised pit stop action. By 7:20 we were racing down the 405 freeway, on a collision course with destiny. Or density. or both.

One long sleepy flight later, we were at JFK airport being picked up by a car service, which scooted up thru Brooklyn into Manhattan, where we were dropped off at the venerable Gramercy Park hotel. This would be the band's home for the next 2 months.

...a Gramercy Park Hotel placemat...
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