If You Listen

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"If You Listen"
If You Listen cover
B-side by Karlophone
Album Desire
Released July 1, 2004
Format 7"-vinyl
Length 3:26
Label Amorphous Records
Producer(s) Karl Koch, Patrick Wilson
Status Officially released
Desire track listing
"If You Listen"
"Desire (Kid Chocolat Remix)" (3)

"If You Listen" is a B-side to the 7"-vinyl single release of "Desire". It was released by Karlophone, the musical project of Weezer associate Karl Koch, on July 1, 2004[1] through his label Amorphous Records. It features additional production and guitars from Pat Wilson, credited under his moniker Franklin Mint. The track has not been included on any Karlophone album; its only other appearance is on the obscure compilation album Beetbox 2: Electric Boogaloo.




Samples used

Location in song Source Author Album Year Link
The lyric "Prepare to receive through me the benediction of our lord Satan" "Satanic Mass" (recording) Coven Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls 1969 link; 12:00

For a full list of known samples from Karlophone songs, see List of Karlophone samples.

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