Indian Summer (Karlophone song)

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"Indian Summer"
Indian Summer cover
Album track by Karlophone
Album I Must Find This Karlophone...
Released 2007
Recorded Unknown
Length 7:08
Label Amorphous Records
Writer(s) Karl Koch
Producer(s) Karl Koch
Status Released
I Must Find This Karlophone... track listing
"The Other End of the Friend"
"Indian Summer"
This article is about the Karlophone song. For the Alone XIII demos of the same name, see Indian Summer (Rivers Cuomo song).

"Indian Summer" is the tenth and final track off the second Karlophone album, I Must Find This Karlophone....


"Indian Summer" was one of the first tracks to be worked on for I Must Find This Karlophone.... It was first mentioned online as early as February 10, 2003, where it appears in an entry of Karl Koch's "Recording Journal" on (where he names the song as a track with "the most promise").[1] An early demo version of the song was made available for download on the site on March 18 of the same year, however this demo is now unavailable online.[2] It was mentioned once more on the site's "News" section on May 9, 2007, where it is included on an unfinished tracklisting for the album.[3]

The song was not included on the vinyl release of I Must Find This Karlophone..., as the album's length was too great to fit entirely onto a 12" record.[4]

Known recordings

Performer(s) Title Filename Date of recording Recording location Length Appeared on Notes
Karlophone Indian Summer 2003-03-18-Indian_Summer-DEMO-CLIP.mp3 March 18, 2003 ? Released on Early demo
Karlophone Indian Summer 7:06 I Must Find This Karlophone...
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