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Jay-Zeezer: The Black & Blue Album

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Jay-Zeezer: The Black & Blue Album
Jay-Zeezer: The Black & Blue Album cover
Tribute album by Mike G.
Released 2004
Genre Mashup

Jay-Zeezer: The Black & Blue Album is a 2004 mashup album by Mike G. It consists primarily of songs by Weezer mashed-up with songs from The Black Album by American rapper Jay-Z. The album also contains bonus tracks featuring mashups with other artists.

Track listing

No. TitleSongs used Length
1. "I Swear It's an Interlude"  "I Swear It's True"/"Interlude" 1:35
2. "Say It Ain't December 4th"  "Say It Ain't So"/"December 4th" 4:38
3. "What More Can I Say, Jamie"  "Jamie"/"What More Can I Say" 4:14
4. "Encore for Wayne"  "Lullaby for Wayne"/"Encore 3:55
5. "The World Has Changed Clothes & Left"  "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"/"Change Clothes" 4:23
6. "Surf Wax off Your Shoulder"  "Surf Wax America"/"Dirt off Your Shoulder" 4:30
7. "Undone - The Threater Song"  "Undone - The Sweater Song"/"Threat" 4:31
8. "Only in a Moment of Clarity"  "Only in Dreams"/"Moment of Clarity" 5:56
9. "99 Problems with Buddy Holly"  "Buddy Holly"/"99 Problems" 3:41
10. "Public Service Holiday"  "Holiday"/"Public Service Announcement (Interlude)" 3:13
11. "Justify Mykel and Carli"  "Mykel and Carli (Weezer song)"/"Justify My Thug" 4:37
12. "No One Else but Lucifer"  "No One Else"/"Lucifer" 3:12
13. "Allure in the Garage"  "In the Garage"/"Allure" 5:10
14. "My 1st Song's Name Is Jonas"  "My Name Is Jonas"/"My 1st Song" 4:40
15. "Yeah in the Sun (Bonus track)"  "Island in the Sun"/"Yeah!" 4:24
16. "99 Luft Problems (Bonus track)"  "99 Problems"/"99 Luftballoons" 4:35
17. "Bonnie, Clyde & El Scorcho (Bonus track)"  "El Scorcho"/"'03 Bonnie & Clyde" 3:26

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