Karl's Corner - 03/01/2004

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03/01/04 free, cool, good

Now heres something cool! Weezer's upcoming DVD Video Capture Device now has its own sneak peek mini-banner! check it out...


..and there are more clips to come - between now and 3/23, when the DVD (and the Blue Album Deluxe Edition) are released, expect the 'vcd player' to show several more exclusive peeks at never before seen DVD content! How, you ask? The video content of the banner will be switched up behind the scenes, and after that the new clip will just automatically appear in place of the old clip when the vcd is activated.

"But how can I put the Video Capture Device player on MY website" you ask??? EASY: Just copy and paste the following HTML code into your website's HTML:

<script src="http://data.gffn.com/team/weezer/banner.asp"></script>

...and wherever you pop it in, thats where it will show up! You dont need to host anything, weezer has taken care of all that biz. You just need that one line of code. So get your own "Video Capture Device", and help spread the word about Weezer's new DVD!