Karl's Corner - 03/18/2004

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03/18/04 now you can get with this, or you can get with that

coming next Monday, 3/22: The Weezer - MTV2 Half Hour DVD Special
This will consist of a special selection of rare and previously unseen stuff, all taken from the DVD.
Premiers on MTV2 Monday, Mar 22 at 9:30pm (staggered so its on at 9:30PM everywhere)

coming next Monday 3/22: LIVE Weezer chat on MSNlive - with weezer drummer Patrick Wilson and yours truly (Karl).
The chat page is up now, and the live chat will start at 7pm ET/4pm PT, Monday, March 22.

coming next Tuesday 3/23: release of The Blue Album: Deluxe Edition and "Video Capture Device", the Weezer DVD!
These will be available wherever cds and music dvds are sold!

...above center: the VCD banner! New episodes each week, 2 more to come! Thanks for putting it up on your sites!
To add this player to your website, just copy and paste the following HTML code into your website's HTML:

<script src="http://data.gffn.com/team/weezer/banner.asp"></script>

...also, see this page on mtv.com for 2 more exclusive =w= DVD preview clips!

international readers take note:
The DVD release date in the UK is April 19
The DVD release date in rest of world is April 12
The Blue Album Deluxe release date *everywhere* is 3/23 (or the week of).
confirmed countries that are releasing their own domestic issues of the DVD are:
UK, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, and France. We havent heard confirmation from Australia, Japan, or other countries. Some countries will end up just ordering imports from the USA.

...early praise:
"Music DVDs are so lame these days with no thought put into them whatsoever, they always just seem like a way to cash in on an artist, but the WEEZER DVD has a sense of purpose to it, it tells a story, and shows the history of such a great band. Thanks for the treasures...it's a wonderful piece!" --Miles "the intern" from Live105 radio, San Francisco.

...April SPIN mag (with Kurt Cobain on the cover) has a small DVD article with comments from yours truly, and a lead review on the Blue Deluxe edition CD.

...The next Rolling Stone mag (not the Ben Affleck one, but the one coming up next) should have reviews of both the DVD and Blue Deluxe.

...The new Entertainment Weekly magazine (Chris Rock cover) (subscription copies only!) has an article on the recent reconciliation and collaboration between Rivers and ex-weez bass player Matt Sharp.

...up in Seattle, this weekend is looking good! "107.7 The End is doing a Weezer Weekend complete with tons of tracks from the re-issued Blue CD as well as many of the associated b-sides, demos, garage recordings and more that were released around that time. Plus we'll be randomly giving away copies of the Blue CD and DVD re-issue on-air before it hits stores on Tuesday."