Karl's Corner - 03/13/2005

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03/13/05 when the housemaids scrub the floors

...another euro tour date confirmed (US tour info pending)

06/15/05 - London, UK - Brixton Academy (additional show added) - on sale 3/15

...No big news yet. Looks like the Beverly Hills video is finished and ready to go. Some Los Angeles area fans have reported hearing short preview clips of "Beverly Hills" on KROQ-FM. The new album "Make Believe" is still in the mixing process, and still on track for a May release. The website is under construction, though you aren't seeing any changes yet. Tours are being planned. Plans are being discussed. Discussions are being planned. Etc!

...oh, and maybe take this li'l survey if ya got time...

...Knoxville fans, in case ya didn't know: During the 7-10 PM segment on The University of Tennessee's WUTK 90.3, there is an 8:30 "rock block" of Weezer featuring rare and live tracks. The rest of the world can stream it live here every Sunday from 7-10 PM.

...even more weezer tribute band action:

Sicky Gnar Gnars
4/15/05 at the Nautical Bean in San Luis Obispo, CA, 8:00pm. Free!

Untitled Blue + Pinkerton tribute band
Thursday, April 28th, 2005 at The Syndicate, University of North Texas Union Bldg, 1st floor, at 9:30pm - One Dollar!