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10/13/05 nothing ever happens on mars

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 116: Foozer/Wee Fighters 18: Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Center
Some crunk, some trunk, but no junk. A dad in the house, plus 13,749 others! This was a BIG show. The Wachovia Center, the home of the Philadelphia Flyers and the 76'ers is massive and it was pretty much sold out tonight.

In the past weezer has played the Spectrum, an older facility right next door, but now that the Wachovia Center has been built, theres a new place for both the NHL and Foozer activity. Somehow Philadelphia decided to put all their sports complexes right next to each other. There's the Wachovia Center, plus Citizens Bank Park, home of the Phillies (on the site of the old Veterans Stadium), Lincoln Financial Hall, home of the Eagles, and the Spectrum, home of The Phantoms minor league hockey team, and some serious old locker room funk.

"This will always be The Spectrum to me." -Pat, moments before being informed that the Wachovia Center is not the same building as the Spectrum.

Tonight was a solid show on par with the tour so far, though the band reported mixed impressions on how it went. It was a case that happens sometimes on the road, where everyone's impressions of the same event are different. Comments both in person and online from the fans have been generally very stoked, so it just goes to show that you never can tell. In any event, tonight's show was an interesting set, which included the never before played in public "The Damage In Your Heart", which was a real treat to finally hear live. Also for the first time tonight the show opened with "Perfect Situation", now the new single from "Make Believe". This may or may not happen again in the future, but it was an interesting experiment.

Tonight there was another first, as Rivers's dad Frank was in attendance. He later reported that he loved the show and that it was "spectacular". How cool is that?

Thanks to 'Undone' helper Chris, doing it up proper! And props to Jeb Lewis (of TSG '03) in the hizzouse!

fan reaction (see the comment section for more and leave your own):
"...I just saw my very first concert. Weezer rocked! I'm glad weezer was my first, but at the same time distressed. Weezer may have raised the bar too high! Foo was good too, but weezer stole the show. I had a very nice friend take me tonight and we moved into the front, about 15 feet from the stage! It was an incredible experience! I've played classical guitar since age 6...weezer is my new rock guitar idol! Please tell the crew it was awesome!" ---Bryan S.D.

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...There is a excellent article/interview with Rivers in the November issue of Shambhala Sun magazine. You can read an excerpt here.

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