Rolling Stone article - August 23, 1997

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Rolling Stone article, August 23, 1997
Publication Rolling Stone
Author Ari Bendersky
Date August 23, 1997
Title Weezer, That Dog Pay Tribute To Fans
Format Print, digital
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Associated concert Weezer concert: 08/15/1997
That Dog concert: 08/15/1997
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"Weezer, That Dog Pay Tribute To Fans"
By: Ari Bendersky (Rolling Stone)
August 23, 1997

There are some people who are special and then there are others who really make a mark in someone else’s life.

At The Palace in Hollywood on Aug. 15, Weezer, That Dog and Black Market Flowers, jammed to a packed house of fans — including Claire Danes, Jared Leto, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Ben Lee, Spike Jonze, Sophia Coppola and members of No Doubt — to pay homage to three sisters – Mykel, Carli and Trysta Allan — who all died in a car crash following a Weezer concert on July 8 in Denver.

Why such a show? Mykel and Carli were co-presidents of the Weezer Fan Club, and also ran the clubs for That Dog and Black Market Flowers. The Allans were not only fond of the bands, but were also friends with the members. News of their deaths sparked widespread sadness among the Weezer community and it came as no surprise when the benefit show was announced.

During the show, the girls’ father, Wayne Allan, joined Weezer on stage to thank everyone for showing their support and to say “they died doing what they loved.” A benefit CD titled Hear You Me, which will include songs by Weezer, That Dog, Shufflepuck and others will be released this October.

--Ari Bendersky, August 23, 1997

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