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Article marked: November 2020
Studio album by Weezer
Released Spring: March 20, 2022*
Summer: June 20, 2022*
Fall: September 22, 2022*
Winter: December 21, 2022*
*Tentative date
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Producer(s) Jake Sinclair (Lead)
Ethan Gruska (Spring)
Suzy Shinn (?)
Weezer chronology
Van Weezer

SZNS (pronounced "Seasons") is the tentative title of an upcoming musical project by Weezer planned for release in 2022, possibly as a collection of four studio albums to be released on the first day of each season, with each having its own seasonal motif.


Rivers Cuomo first mentioned that the band's sixteenth album was in the concept phase on October 31, 2020, alluding to Jake Sinclair's involvement. Said Cuomo on the wall on, "Turned in the first draft of the NEXT NEXT NEXT album to Jake".[1]

The project, throughout much of 2021, was conceived as a collection of four albums slated to release on the first day of each respective season in 2022.[2] The first album, to be released at the beginning of spring, has been described as a "very breezy, carefree acoustic-type album," tentatively titled Happy Chill, and would be more inline with the style of "Island in the Sun".[3] Cuomo has described the winter album concept as conjuring the sound of ’90s singer-songwriters like Elliott Smith with "lots of loss and despair and kind of quiet." He has described the autumn album as reflecting "dance-rock" artists like Franz Ferdinand[4] or the Strokes.[5]

On March 25, 2021, Rivers Cuomo uploaded a photo to Instagram of the letters "SZNS" with the caption "2022".[6][7]

On April 29, Rivers told members of Riverchat that the song "Pacific Sunset" had been cut from consideration, though he was still interested in repurposing the bridge. He claimed the song was "not good enough for SZNS" and after a member commented that they appreciated the band's commitment to high standards following OK Human, he replied "We've left [OK Human] in the dust".[8]

On July 9, Rivers told members of Riverchat that SZNS may not release as he had originally envisioned following a "interesting conversation" with Crush Records founder Jonathan Daniel, later clarifying that he was referring to the format of releasing four albums at the beginning of each season throughout the year, specifically stating he wanted to "avoid the fate" of Green Day's album trilogy ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! and Kanye West's seven-song albums. [9] The next day, Rivers confirmed that the release format had indeed changed saying it would be "equal to or greater" than the original format. After expressing excitement for the project and it's cover art, he teased that SZNS could come out "all at once" on January 1, 2022. [10] Despite this, Cuomo has since continued to promote the four-album concept, mentioning it to Good Morning America a few weeks later.[11][12]

Cuomo confirmed in September of 2021 that Ethan Gruska would be the co-producer for Spring.[13]

On September 25 via his Discord channel, Rivers confirmed SZNS was back to being 4 album consisting of 8 songs each.

He confirmed a few weeks later that the song Records had been added to Summer with the intention of it being the first single, released alongside Spring. To accommodate this change, All this Love was moved from Summer to Spring, tentatively sending a Spring track to the cutting room floor.

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