SZNZ: Autumn

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SZNZ: Autumn
SZNZ: Autumn cover
EP by Weezer
Released September 22, 2022
Format digital, CD, vinyl
Recorded April-August 2022
Length 24:13 (Digital, CD)
27:46 (Vinyl)
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Producer(s) Tyler Cole, Suzy Shinn, Daniel Omelio
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Weezer chronology
SZNZ: Summer
SZNZ: Autumn
SZNZ: Winter

SZNZ: Autumn is an EP by Weezer, the third (of four) releases in the SZNZ series. It was released on September 22, 2022. The EP was produced by Tyler Cole with Suzy Shinn and Daniel Omelio.


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According to Rivers Cuomo, the record’s sound reflects 'dance-rock' artists such as Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes”.[1]

The album's thematic and aesthetic location is described as being set in "The Mount of Beatitudes", with its associated era being passion and the last supper, along with the Salem Witch Trials.

The EP was officially confirmed by the band on September 14, with the album cover and track list being posted on various social media platforms on September 19.

It was released on digital music services on September 22, 2022. Its respective merchandise, including CD copies and pre-orders for two colored vinyl records (gold and ruby), were listed on A "milky clear" variant was sold exclusively to Weezer fan club members.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Rivers Cuomo, except where noted. 

Side A
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me"    3:01
2. "Get Off on the Pain"    3:31
3. "What Happens After You?"  Anthony De La Torre, Desmond Child, Eric Bazilian, Cuomo, Rob Wells 3:19
4. "Francesca"    3:27
Side B
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
5. "Should She Stay or Should She Go"    3:35
6. "The Way I Hate You Now" (vinyl-only)  3:33
7. "Tastes Like Pain"    2:02
8. "Run, Raven, Run"    5:14
Total length:

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