Takashi Hasegawa

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Takashi Hasegawa
Takashi beheading Rivers
Background information
Birth name Takashi Hasegawa
Years active 1992present
Website Kyokushin Karate Page

Takashi Hasegawa (長谷川たかし) was a friend of Rivers Cuomo, tenant of 1711 Stoner Ave., and the inspiration for the title of the 60 Wrong Sausages song and Cuomo demo "Ben Gay".


Takashi was born in Japan, and, in 1992, was attending a business school in America. He met Cuomo and Pat Finn (60 Wrong Sausages member and early friend of Weezer) at a dojo in Burbank, where the three were taking a class in Kyokushin karate. Weezer friend and historian Karl Koch recounts the three, and himself, quickly becoming good friends.[1] Takashi had to look for a new apartment due to issues with his landlord, and he was invited to stay at 1711 Stoner Ave. to lower the room's rent. The apartment was home to many early Weezer members, including Patrick Wilson, Matt Sharp, and Jason Cropper, as well as Finn.

The 60 Wrong Sausages (proto-Weezer) song "Ben Gay" was named by Cuomo in honor of Takashi, who purportedly believed the athletic cream of the same name was meant to be used on bruises.[1] The song appeared again on the Cuomo demo tape The Yeastmaster, and released on the demo compilation Alone V: Before Weezer.

Takashi now runs a dojo in Santa Monica, California. Said Karl Koch, "It was his life long dream; it took him 15 years to make [it] a reality (green card issues etc). Dude has more determination and integrity in his little finger than pretty much anyone I know has in their whole body."[2]

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