The Truth

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The Truth
The band in 1991 at the Whiskey a Go Go.
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 1991
Genre(s) Christian Rock
Label(s) None
Former Members
Kevin Ridel
Rivers Cuomo
Pat Finn
Jeffrey Urbach
3 unknown backing singers

The Truth was a Christian Rock band founded by Kevin Ridel in 1991.



After the disbandment of Zoom (formerly known as Avant Garde) in 1990, Kevin Ridel moved from Los Angeles back to Connecticut. He would return a year later with his newly formed band The Truth to play shows as an attempt to finally establish himself on the music scene of Los Angeles. With this band only consisting of Jeffrey Urbach on drums, with whom he played in Zoom for a little while near the end of the band's active time, and 3 backing singers, Ridel asked his other former band mates Rivers Cuomo and Pat Finn to join The Truth's live line-up.


Cuomo (left), Urbach and Finn (right) at the Whiskey a Go Go
Ridel (left), Urbach and Finn (right) at the Whiskey a Go Go

Before joining, Cuomo helped the band engineer their first demo tape. He also sang backing vocals and possibly played some guitar parts. This demo, the band's sole release, featured the following songs:

  • "My Salvation"
  • "Eyes Of The Children"
  • "With You In Heaven"
  • "I Belong To God"
  • "The Man, the Woman, and the Serpent"
  • "Fisher of Men"
  • "Move Through Me"
  • "The Great Forever"
  • "You Gave It All"
  • "Stacey's Song"
  • "Real Love"
  • "My Love Is For You"
  • "Dreamland"
  • "Kevin's Breakfast Cereal Rap" (a joke song)


With Cuomo on bass and Finn on guitar, the band would at least play one show in Los Angeles at the Whiskey a Go Go after several reheasals. The exact date of this show is unknown. Known songs that were played are "My Salvation", "With You In Heaven", and "I Belong To God". The band only lasted a few more months after this show.

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