Weezer concert: 05/14/2005

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Weezer concert: 05/14/2005
Tour Make Believe Tour
Venue The Tabernacle
Location Atlanta, GA
Date May 14, 2005
Associated album Make Believe
Supporting acts Ringside
Weezer live show chronology
05/12/2005 - New York, NY 05/14/2005 - Atlanta, GA 06/03/2005 - Nurburg, Germany

Weezer performed at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA on May 14, 2005 as part of the Make Believe Tour. The opening act was Ringside. This was the final show of the first leg of the tour.

Set list

No. Song
1 "Tired of Sex  
2 "In the Garage  
3 "No One Else  
4 "Pardon Me  
5 "Buddy Holly  
6 "Photograph  
7 "Hold Me  
8 "Getchoo(Lead vocals: Brian)  
9 "Say It Ain't So  
10 "We Are All on Drugs  
11 "Island in the Sun  
12 "My Name Is Jonas  
13 "Peace  
14 "Beverly Hills  
15 "The Good Life  
16 "Undone - The Sweater Song  
No. Song
17 "Haunt You Every Day  
18 "Hash Pipe  

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 05/14/2005
...last show of the first leg! Todays show was in the venerable Tabernacle, once a huge respected Baptist(?) church, now a really cool venue with the old school curved balconies and a terrific staff. Its amazing the difference a few days make. Where we were battling vicious freezing winds and cold rain just last week up in Boston, we're now basking in the muggy Atlanta sunshine. (And you wonder why everyone got sick!) But it felt good today indeed. It also felt good to see some ticket scaplers get pinched by the Atlanta police, right out in the middle of the line up before the doors opened! 99X had several trucks set up near the front doors and were running all sorts of promotions and such, giving stuff away to the fans in line and making lots of rock noise with their mobile truck. Pat gave a short interview to 99x pre-show, which I'm assuming aired on the station later that evening. Meanwhile Brian did a video interview with a crew from WBIR TV that came down from Brian's hometown of Knoxville. Brian later said it went great, and focused on Brian's growing up in Knoxville. After Brian's interview they filmed the line and randomly interviewed fans and myself, who of course showed up doing the same thing. Video chaos!

The Tabernacle is really quite intimate, no one is ever very far from the stage at all, and there was wall to wall arms up in the air after each song, with deafening singlalongs again. The loudest seemed to be for Say It Aint So tonight. We later learned that during the show, 3 different people were ejected for throwing punches at the uniformed Atlanta police officers who were on duty! The only other detail I heard about was the officers assessment that in all 3 cases, the violence stemmed from the activities/attitudes of "inexperienced drinkers". Hmmm...

Shout outs to specialagentdalecooper and slimmackerel. There were 2 more Weezer moms at tonights show, Brian's and Scott's! There were also some uninvited guests discovered in weezers dressing room, after the show - get this: Scott comes off the stage, goes into the dressing room to pick out some 'post show' clothes, but before he even picks out a shirt he realizes there are 2 girls hiding behind the wardrobe case! They beg him for a picture with them, which he was nice enough to oblige before calling a security guard in there and getting them out! No one can figure out how they got there, but it must have happened during the show. Sneaky...

last night was incredible.. i was in the very front row. i am fifteen years old and have been a hardcore weez fan for a little over a year.. but i feel like ive known them all my life. ive read everything about them (and you) and heard almost all the songs.. and finally last night, i was 10 feet away from them. after learning so much about the history of weezer, i just couldn't believe they were standing right in front of me. the tabernacle is a great venue, especially when you're close, and the most amazing part was that EVERYONE knew all the words to every song! where i go to school, its hard to find people who like weezer as much as i do, but this concert was weezer fan heaven. i felt a common bond with everyone in the building, and it was the most incredible feeling of my life. my favorite part wass the feedback outtro, and the Good Liffe.. when Riverss said, "Alright, it's time we take it back... back to the good life." wow. Everything was everything that i expected and more. Although everybody wanted El Scorcho, and we thought maaybe since it was the last show on the tour, maybe a few surprises might come along.. oh well.. i loved it. thank you so much for everything...anyway good luck in europe. long live =w= ---Rich M., Marietta, GA

- Karl Koch

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