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Featured quote: Toledo City Paper journalist Mike Saccone interviewing Scott Shriner on his pre-Weezer career; September 2002

Toledo City Paper: To what extent did you participate in Toledo’s music scene when you lived here?

Scott: Well, when I was growing up and playing, it was all cover bands. And there wasn’t really that much original music locally, there were bands coming in from out of town, but … I played in The Movers, it was an R&B band, I played with the Exciters for a while, the old Cyprus bar band on Laskey, half punk-rock, half alternative, then I played in a band called Loved by Millions with Steve Athanas before he was doing The Homewreckers. And then The Great Barbecue Gods.


TCP: What were you doing between the time you left Toledo and the time that you got the call from Rivers? (Rivers Cuomo is Weezer's frontman.)

Scott: I played in a ton of bands in L.A. I tried to get three or four original projects off the ground, and I played in four or five hired-gun band situations, some of which I can mention and some I cannot … as incriminating evidence. I did a lot of day jobs. I actually got a job in the film industry to pay the rent, and the flexibility of that allowed me to work really hard for a couple of weeks and then not work for a couple of weeks and then concentrate on music. I went on tons of auditions. I auditioned for Ozzy and Lenny Kravitz and a bunch of other smaller artists who had new records out.

-Scott Shriner, Toledo City Paper interview, September 12, 2002

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