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Yeezer cover
Tribute album by Chuckie Nugget
Released October 7, 2015
Genre Mashup
Length 37:26
Producer(s) Chuckie Nugget

Yeezer is a 2015 mashup album by Alex Hodowanec (also known as Chuckie Nugget). It features songs by Weezer mashed-up with songs by American rapper Kanye West.


Yeezer was based on a joke by a friend of Hodowanec's, who blurted out the title. He started work on the album a few years before its release, and only finished it in the fall of 2015.[1] The original songs were tweaked heavily to work with the Kanye West songs, notably "The Buddy Holly Workout Plan", which combines an AOL session recording with newly recorded bass and percussion.[2] "Back to Nothing" had new synths and drum overdubs, only retaining the beat and guitar.[3]

It was uploaded to Bandcamp on September 30, 2015, and one day later it was posted to the subreddit r/mashups, where it received over six hundred upvotes.[4] The album was taken down from Bandcamp on October 4, which led to Hodowanec re-uploading it on Audiomack.[1] Two days later, the official Weezer Twitter and Facebook account posted the Audiomack link, which received over one thousand likes and twenty thousand likes respectively.[5][6]

An outtake from the album ("Diamonds Up To Here") was released on SoundCloud in November 2015, which combines West's "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" with "I've Had It Up to Here".[7].

Track listing

No. TitleSongs used Length
1. "Through the Hills"  "Beverly Hills"/"Through the Wire" 3:10
2. "Back to Nothing"  "Back to the Shack"/"Can't Tell Me Nothing" 3:24
3. "The Girl Got BLKKK"  "The Girl Got Hot"/"BLKKK SKKKN HEAD" 3:03
4. "Bound 2 Smile"  "Smile"/"Bound 2 3:46
5. "American Island (feat. Estelle)"  "Island in the Sun"/"American Boy" 4:07
6. "The G.O.O.D. Life (interlude)"  "The Good Life"/"Good Life" 1:39
7. "Barry Jamb"  "Burndt Jamb"/"Barry Bonds" 2:26
8. "The Buddy Holly Workout Plan"  "Buddy Holly"/"The New Workout Plan" 4:22
9. "(And They) Say It Ain't So"  "Say It Ain't So"/"POWER" 4:35
10. "Perfect Homecoming"  "Perfect Situation"/"Homecoming" 3:49
Total length:


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