All that Still Remains

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All that Still Remains
All that Still Remains cover
Studio album by Keith Foti
Released November 16, 2004
Format CD
Recorded in Los Angeles, CA
Length 47:34
Label Powerline Records
Producer(s) Keith Foti, Chuck Kentis
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' All that Still Remains
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All that Still Remains
(Keith Foti)
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All that Still Remains is the debut album by Keith Foti. It was released on November 16, 2004. It features Scott Shriner on bass, in his first session appearance since joining Weezer.


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In contrast to future session credits, where he would only appear on one or two songs, Scott Shriner plays all the bass on this album.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Return To Gray"   05:02
2. "America"   03:09
3. "Out Of This Town"   04:06
4. "Gloria"   04:57
5. "Blue Sky Rain"   03:44
6. "Not Again"   04:19
7. "Movin' On"   02:58
8. "The Distance Between Us"   05:41
9. "Varsity Girl"   04:21
10. "Behind Your Eyes"   04:01
11. "Yesterday She Smiled"   05:16
Total length:


Per Keith Foti website[1].

  • Scott Shriner - bass
  • Keith Foti - composer, guitar, harmonica, producer, vocals
  • Chuck Kentis - Keyboards, Mixing, Organ
  • Steve Lyon - Executive Producer
  • Susan Maljan - Photography
  • Jan Saudek - Cover Photo "David Lonely Forever"

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