Lover of All That Exists

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Lover of All That Exists
Lover of All That Exists cover
Single by Various artists
Released May 11, 2012
Format 7", digital, Picture Disc
Genre Rock
Length 26:24
Label Rare Bird Books, Erika Records
Scott Shriner chronology
(The Dance Party)
Lover of All That Exists
PusherJones (EP)

Lover of All That Exists is a 7"-vinyl picture disc compilation. It features the only officially-released solo song by Scott Shriner.


Lover of All That Exists was released as part of the promotional campaign for the 2012 paperback edition of Johnny Future, a novel by Steve Abee.[1]

The 7" features Shriner's "Watch the Shadows" on the A-side, credited to Shriners, a moniker the Weezer bassist has not used before or since this release. The double B-side features songs by Christian Martucci and Ghost of the Record.


Lover had a limited edition release of only 500 picture discs. Shriner and other artists also promoted this three-song "soundtrack" to the book with a a performance at the Last Book Store in Los Angeles, CA.


No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Watch the Shadows"  Shriners 5:12
2. "Bad Ghosts"  Christian Martucci 2:04[2]
3. "Stage is a Box of Night"  Ghost of the Record Unknown

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