Buy Me Flowers

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"Buy Me Flowers"
Buy Me Flowers cover
Single by That Dog
Album That Dog (album)
Released 1993
Format vinyl
Recorded 1993 at Poop Alley Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Label DGC
Writer(s) That Dog
Producer(s) Tom Grimley and That Dog
Status Officially released
That Dog singles chronology
"Buy Me Flowers"
"Grunge Couple"
That Dog (album) track listing
"This Boy"
"Buy Me Flowers"
(UK vinyl only)
(UK vinyl only)

"Buy Me Flowers" is a single released by That Dog in 1993.


The "Buy Me Flowers" single, backed with "Untitled", was an exclusive freebie packed with the UK vinyl edition of the band's self-titled debut in 1993. Neither track has surfaced on any other release, making them two of the rarest That Dog tracks.

Track listing



Buy me flowers, change a love song.
Love the song, I see you, sing a song fast.
A tangled love song, my love.
Know me, sing "Long live the sea"
Look at me, have a good time.
Smell the sand, it's my angel.
Live in to me, let's go home, take a shower
For a long, long time, 'cause your my angel
Keep singing how the sun dies
Won't you sing alone?
Keep singing how the sun dies
Won't you sing alone?

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