C'mon Siobhan

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"C'mon Siobhan"
C'mon Siobhan cover
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Album Alone VI: The Black Room
Released November 22, 2020
Recorded December 1999
Length 2:57
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 421
COR# 117
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"So You Sense It's a Sad Situation"
(RC# 420)
"C'mon Siobhan"
(RC# 421)
"Our Heaven's Son"
(RC# 422)

"C'mon Siobhan" is a demo by Rivers Cuomo.



"C'mon Siobhan" was recorded by Cuomo in December of 1999 while living at an apartment on Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles. The song was first heard when it was released as part of the digital compilation Alone VI: The Black Room in 2020.

The bridge lyrics were later used in the "Summer Songs of 2000" (or SS2K) song, "Peace and Quiet."


Come on, come on, come on
Siobhan, touch me, baby

Wanted another bit
But you drive me crazy
Feel the funk coming in your eyes
Victims of a big surprise, so

Come on, come on, come on
Siobhan, kick some butt

Stupid is what they said
When you weren't the first one
Shattered the scene is what you did
When you burst on
Feel the funk coming over me
Victims of our destiny, so

Come on, come on, come on
Siobhan, kick some butt

Turn the beat up and down
Mesmerized in the sound
Wanted to let it go this time
But you wouldn't complete it now

Known recordings

Performer(s) Title Filename Date of recording Recording location Length Appeared on Notes
Rivers Cuomo C'mon Siobhan 117 C'mon Siobhan 2.mp3 1999 2:57 Alone VI: The Black Room
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