Peace and Quiet

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"Peace and Quiet"
Demo by Weezer
Length 2:39
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 491
COR# 184
Status Circulating
Live debut September 1, 2000
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"How Dare You Dis' Me"
(RC# 490)
"Peace and Quiet"
(RC# 491)
"I've Got to Move On"
(RC# 492)

Peace and Quiet is a song by Weezer, designated informally as one of the "Summer Songs of 2000" (or SS2K). The song was never formally released, though it was demoed and performed live multiple times.


"Peace and Quiet" is first known to have been recorded at Cole Rehearsal Studios in Los Angeles on May 3, 2000. The song was performed several times live throughout September on the band's Summer 2000 Tour. One of these performances was recorded to the band's mobile 8-track unit and shared online to fans. An "extended" version of this recording also exists, wherein a verse is simply duplicated. The song was, ultimately, not considered for the band's subsequent album (The Green Album).

Live performances



Can I get some peace and quiet here?
I just want to drink a nice cold beer
Without feeling any kind of fear
Of what you're gonna say
The insults and the hate
Waiting for someone to trip and fall, fall

Can I get someone to pay my rent?
Turkey drippings are just heaven-sent
When you're living in an O2 tent
With no sign of hope
Drinking shots of Scope
Waiting for someone to trip and fall, fall

Turn the beat up and down
Mesmerized in the sound (mesmerizing sound)
Ain't nobody believe
Who you are
Who you are

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