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United Kingdom, HILLS 2, 2005, CD, Promo

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Title: Prime Cuts
Release date: 2005
Format: CD
Country: United Kingdom
Label(s): Geffen

Catalog number(s): HILLS 2
Matrix: [Universal logo] HILLS2 [Universal logo] 02 [Universal logo] [Universal logo]
Mastering SID code: IFPI 04AR
Mould SID code: IFPI 0473

Track listing:

1. "Beverly Hills"
2. "Hash Pipe"
3. "Buddy Holly"
4. "Island in the Sun"
5. "Keep Fishin'"
6. "Undone - The Sweater Song"
7. "Beverly Hills"

Notes: Promotional United Kingdom CD release. Prime Cuts is a greatest hits compilation featuring seven songs from Weezer (The Blue Album), Weezer (The Green Album), Maladroit, and Make Believe. This release was intended for in-store play, hence "Beverly Hills" (the lead single from Make Believe) appearing twice in the release as the first and final track.

The release's catalog number "HILLS 2" may imply that Prime Cuts was created as a continuation of the "Beverly Hills" single, as pressings of the "Beverly Hills" single with the catalog number "HILLS 1" are known to exist.

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