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United States, 2010, CD-R, Promo

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Title: The Death to False Metal & Pinkerton Deluxe Sampler
Release date: 2010
Format: CD-R
Country: United States
Label(s): DGC Records, Geffen, UMe
Identifier(s): [none]
Track listing:

Death to False Metal

1. "Turning Up the Radio"
2. "Everyone"
3. "Losing My Mind"
4. "Odd Couple"
5. "Autopilot"

Pinkerton - Deluxe Editon

6. "Tragic Girl"
7. "You Won't Get with Me Tonight"
8. "The Good Life" (Live at Y100 Sonic Session)
9. "El Scorcho" (Live at Reading Festival)
10. "Getting Up and Leaving"

Notes: Promotional United States CD-R sampler containing five songs from Death to False Metal and five songs from the deluxe edition of Pinkerton.