Losing My Mind

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"Losing My Mind"
Losing My Mind cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Death to False Metal
Released November 2, 2010
Format CD
Recorded 2004
Length 4:02
Label DGC Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 396
COR# 92
Producer(s) Chad Bamford
Status officially released
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Death to False Metal track listing
"Blowin' My Stack"
"Losing My Mind"
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Sixth Xmas"
(RC# 395)
"Losing My Mind"
(RC# 396)
"Phlegm Man"
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This song is part of the "My Brain Is Working Overtime" (COR# 92) lineage of songs

"Losing My Mind" (formerly "My Brain Is Working Overtime" and "Do You Really Want Me Down?") is the fourth track on Death to False Metal.




"Losing My Mind" is a reworking of the song "My Brain Is Working Overtime", originally demoed by Rivers Cuomo and performed live by Weezer in 2000. The songs share a chord progression and some of the "call and response" vocals of the chorus are similar, but the two songs are otherwise different. "My Brain" was demoed again in 2004, eventually being re-titled "Do You Really Want Me Down?" in May of 2004, and re-titled again as "Losing My Mind" by June of that year.

In a 2010 interview, Rivers was was discussing his lyric-writing process and explained "Losing My Mind" as a lyric, "where you’re just reading my thoughts as they’re occurring."

Make Believe contender, Death to False Metal

"Losing My Mind" was completed during initial sessions for the band's Make Believe album in October 2004. The song was one of twelve specific songs initially recorded by the band after Rivers had done much writing and revising. However, after much reconsideration from the band in late 2004 and early 2005, several of these completed songs were cut, including "Losing My Mind", becoming one of what is known as the "fallen soldiers" of the album.

In 2010, when assembling the Death to False Metal album, the completed 2004 version of "Losing My Mind" was reconsidered and included on the album. In an interview with Guitar World, Rivers revealed that the song (among others) had already been mixed in 2004 or 2005, and this same mix was used on Death to False Metal.

In a 2008 fan interview, Weezer bassist Scott Shriner named "Losing My Mind" as one of his favorite songs that weren't included on Make Believe.




Death to False Metal liner notes lyric sheet

It's another night, stumbling around the town
Lookin' for action, totally wasted and trying to find a date
I could be killed, I could be arrested, but I don't care no more
I just wanna find the thrill that I felt once before

I'm losing my mind
I'm going insane
I'm watching my life go down the drain

Maybe I'll find the answers in one of these night clubs
And one of the people I meet, maybe they'll tell me
That everything's gonna be fine and we can't quit the wild life we know
We've reached the finish line, honey, now we can go home

I'm losing my mind
I'm going insane
I'm watching my life go down the drain

I'm running out of energy, and I have to lie down
Right here on the sidewalk, next to the shoe town
I hope nobody bothers me 'cause I'm so tired
And empty, life means nothing anymore

I'm losing my mind
I'm going insane
I'm watching my life go down the drain

I'm losing my mind
I'm going insane
I'm watching my life go down the drain
I'm watching my life go down the drain

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