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Everyone cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Death to False Metal
Released November 2, 2010
Format CD
Recorded August 1998, 2010
Length 2:49
Label DGC Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# TKX-40
Producer(s) Rich Mouser, Weezer, Shawn Everett
Status officially released
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Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"No You Don't"
(RC# 275)
(RC# 276)
"Bang You"
(RC# 277)
Death to False Metal track listing
"Losing My Mind"
"I'm a Robot"

"Everyone" is the fifth track on Death to False Metal.


"Everyone" was written by Rivers Cuomo in the summer of 1998 during Weezer's 1997-2000 hiatus. The song was recorded by Weezer with then-new bassist Mikey Welsh in August of 1998 at Mouse House Studios in Los Angeles, engineered by Rich Mouser. This same session produced the band's cover of "Velouria" by the Pixies, later released on a Pixies tribute album in 1999. "Everyone" went unreleased until it was reworked for the compilation album Death to False Metal, released in 2010.

In an interview with AV Club in 2010, Cuomo described the song as, "... just too hardcore, heavy-metal to be on a Weezer record at the time. That’s why we set it aside. So I worked on that some more recently in the studio, and put some crazy vocal moments on it." Scott Shriner expressed a fondness of the track via Facebook comments upon the album's release. Karl Koch noted in a 2011 interview that Welsh was “partly responsible for the ultra heavy “Everyone”" and other 'Fu Manchu-like' songs of this period.” Welsh first learned of the release of "Everyone" in a July 2011 interview with with the blog Square Cotton Candy:

Square Cotton Candy: In the past few years a lot of archival Weezer recordings have started to surface of official releases, particularly revised arrangements of “Trampoline” and “Everyone” on Death to False Metal.

Mikey: Everyone is on an album?

SCC: Yeah.

Mikey: (Laughs)

The DTFM version of the song received additional overdubs, with a new guitar solo section as well as additional vocals. The bass track was redone by current Weezer bassist Scott Shriner to reflect the revised song structure.



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