Alone VII: The Green Years

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Alone VII: The Green Years
Alone VII: The Green Years cover
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Released November 22, 2020
Format Digital
Recorded 2000-2001
Rivers Cuomo chronology
Alone VI: The Black Room
Alone VII: The Green Years
Alone VIII: The Maladroit Years

Alone VII: The Green Years is a digital compilation by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, consisting of demos for what would eventually become the album Weezer (The Green Album). The compilation was released on the demo storefront on Cuomo's personal website,, on November 22, 2020 after being revealed on the 21st.

File list

Note: Redundant files are indicated in gray. Files that were included at one point, but removed later are indicated in red. Table cells indicated in yellow are missing needed information, make a move!

Title Filename Length Collection Notes Added Removed
Cover Image 2001-04 From Japanese mag.jpg N/A N/A 12/15/2020
Fanny Bone 126 Fanny Bone 2.MP3 2:01 C.O.R_
Hold On 127 Hold On.MP3 1:04 C.O.R_ Fades out early
I Found My Blood Today 128 I Found My Blood Today.MP3 0:58 C.O.R_ Fades out early
Sweet Talk 129 Sweet Talk.MP3 2:58 C.O.R_ Pauses for about six seconds at the beginning before resuming
Everyday the Lights 130 Everyday The Lights.MP3 0:45 C.O.R_ Fades out early
And You Say You Want to Cry 131 And You Say You Want to Cry.MP3 1:41 C.O.R_ Fades out early
It's a Game 132 It's A Game.MP3 3:59 C.O.R_
Pleased to Meet You (Annie, come home) 133 Pleased to Meet You (Annie, come 2.MP3 4:03 C.O.R_
Coal Miner 134 Coal Miner.MP3 3:21 C.O.R_ Gets louder around the 0:19 mark. Fades out early
Suddenly I Shot My Mouth 135 Suddenly I Shot My Mouth.MP3 1:55 C.O.R_
I Can't Live 139 I Can't Live.MP3 2:33 C.O.R_ Fades out early
Hide into the Sun 140 Hide Into the Sun 2.MP3 1:39 C.O.R_
You Test the Water 141 You Test The Water.MP3 0:54 C.O.R_
Mr. Docksider 142 Mr. Docksider 2.MP3 3:12 C.O.R_
Everybody Waits 144 Everybody Waits.mp3 1:40 C.O.R_
INST 145 INST.MP3 0:44 C.O.R_ Instrumental. Includes what sounds like a metronome
Tremendously Awful 146 Tremendously Awful.MP3 1:22 C.O.R_
Well It's a New Day 147 Well It's A New Day 2.MP3 1:48 C.O.R_ Cuts off early
Gimme Something 153 Gimme Something 2.MP3 3:26 C.O.R_
Gimme Something 153 Gimme Something.mp3 0:46 C.O.R_ Shortened version of "153 Gimme Something 2.MP3"
You're the Victim Of 157 You're The Victim Of.MP3 1:59 C.O.R_
Robot Man 159 Robot Man 2.MP3 1:38 C.O.R_
Robot Man 159 Robot Man.mp3 0:33 C.O.R_ Shortened version of "159 Robot Man 2.MP3"
Possessed, Obsessed 161 Posessed, Obsessed.MP3 2:12 C.O.R._ Fades out early
Let's Get Mellow 162 Let's Get Mellow.MP3 4:01 C.O.R_ Fades out early
You Look So Free 163 You Look So Free.MP3 1:55 C.O.R_
I Screwed It All Up 164 I Screwed It All Up.MP3 1:57 C.O.R_ Fades out early
Yer Fun to Play With 166 Yer Fun To Play With 2.MP3 3:25 C.O.R_
My Best Friends Are Gone 167 My Best Friends Are Gone.mp3 3:02 C.O.R_ Early version of Brightening Day
You Stupid Piece of Shit 168 You Stupid Piece of Shit.MP3 3:29 C.O.R_
Hole in Time 208 Hole In Time.MP3 3:28 C.O.R_
Teenage Victory Song 211 Teenage Victory Song.MP3 2:37 C.O.R.
I Wish You Luck 212 I Wish You Luck.MP3 3:10 C.O.R_
No Way 234 no way.mp3 3:20 C.O.R_ Acoustic
Everyone TKX-40 Everyone.mp3 1:38 C.O.R_ Part of the TK demos
I Can't Stop, I'm 0 for the Day TKX-48 I can't Stop I'm 0 for the da.mp3 2:04 C.O.R_ Possibly an earlier version of the riff to Superstar. Part of the TK demos
Let It All Hang Out 016 Let it All Hang Out.mp3 0:50 Ideas--Used Early version with an alternate verse, cuts off at the end 12/8/2020
New Joint 073 New Joint.mp3 0:25 Ideas--Used Cuts off after first verse 12/8/2020
Left Foot Down 121 Left Foot Down.mp3 0:39 Ideas--Used Features a lyric later to be used on Don't Let Go. Cuts off early 12/8/2020
Everybody Go Away 193 Everybody Go Away.mp3 0:34 Ideas--Used Features an incredibly short cut of another song, before pausing and then starting. Cuts off after the second verse
A Love in Me A Love In Me.mp3 3:44 JJPuig mix Piano demo
Private Message 12 Private Message acoustic.mp3 2:51 Unknown Album Acoustic. Recorded October 22, 2002 12/8/2020
New Joint New Joint (11.15 vox).mp3 12/15/2020 12/16/2020
New Joint New Joint.mp3 12/15/2020 12/16/2020

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